Caicos & Fritter's Adventures


Caicos & Fritter's Adventures

We were born somewhere on Providenciales Island, one of the islands of Turks & Caicos, around May 2023 with our 4 other Potcake littermates. You might be wondering, what is a Potcake?  Potcakes are a recognized breed of dog in some parts of the world. It is the name given to street dogs who are often fed the caked-on food from the bottom of pots. In Turks & Caicos, it is believed that the original Potcakes were derived from the Labrador, German Shepherd and Fox Terrier breeds. Although those breeds are not unique, many of us Potcakes have a certain look to our faces and bodies, even though we come in lots of colors.  

Every always asks, "What kind of dog are you?"  Well, here is the answer:

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Can you find us in the litter above?

Some nice humans from the Potcake Place rescued us and brought all of us to their great rescue, cleaning us up and giving us food, water and shelter. After we were considered ready to be adopted, we were allowed to go on daily walks with visitors to the island. That was lots of fun and the folks at Potcake K9 Rescue really gave us a second chance and great start on life!  

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One day, some humans from Texas came to see us. They took us for a walk and decided they loved us so much that they wanted to take us home!  The nice folks at the Potcake Place got us ready to go with all the paperwork and let the other humans know how to get us on the plane for our big trip.  

Did you know rabies doesn't exist in te Turks & Caicos, so there is no quarantine for pets when we cone to the USA?   It's true and we flew through customs and were in our new home the same day we left the islands.

Now we live in Sugar Land, Texas. We have a big yard and can run and play when we want, but we also have lots of toys and bones to play with. We have a roof over our furry heads, comfy beds to sleep on, and humans who love us. Also, we have learned lots of manners and tricks.  The says because the dogs we come from we are super smart and pattern cognizant (which apparenelty means we learn quickly). We know how to sit, stay, come, shake hands, high five, jump and "Hit The Deck!" (lay down), but we are learning more and more.

Lots of people ask our humans if we are twins, because we look alike.  Yes, we are from the same litter, but we are really different, just like sisters or even twins that look alike.  Caicos approaches life with passion, emotion and impulse...if she is feeling it, you'll know and she'll dive right in to many new things and people.  She'll also give you a whine, a growl or a bark just to make sure you are paying attention to her.  Fritter, approaches life studiously and observantly.  She'll watch Caicos succeed and fail, watch and listen her humans and everything else around her, process and learn from them and then attack the problem with precision and confidence.  Fritter is typically quiet and mischievious and Caicos is often rambuncious and OCD about things being out of place or when Fritter is into something she is not supposed to be in...yes, sometimes I am a tattle tale, but it usually keeps us both out of trouble!

We love to ride in the truck, take hikes, go shopping at Lowe's, Tractor Supply and Harbor Freight and we have several local restaurants that are dog friendly and we love to go hang out some afternoons there.  We can go and go!  We call that going on a "Hatari".

What about our names?

Our new humans wanted us to have names to always remind us of where we came from and there were a LOT of ideas thrown bandied about, however the top two were "Turks & Caicos" and "Conch & Fritter".  Let's face it "Conch" and "Turks" are pretty tough names for girls to carry around, so they spilt the difference bewteen the two and decided to keep the two names we have now.

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Thanks for taking time to hear our story.  If you want to know anythng more about us, let us know and we'll do the best to answer! We sure would like to hear from you, so shoot us a message when you give us an Instagram follow!