Where Is Your Water Shut Off Valve?

“WHERE IS IT ?!!!?”

This question is typically asked in the middle of the night, while holding a flashlight, looking for a wrench while water streams through your ceiling or walls.

It is not a question you want to find yourself asking during a water emergency.

Whether it’s due to freezing pipes, a burst water heater or a broken toilet, knowing where your home’s water shut off valve is located can keep a minor inconvenience that may cost you some time from turning into a major disaster running into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Now is the time to locate your water shut off valve. They come in all sizes and configurations, but typically have a shut off FROM the main water supply and a shut off TO your house.

Locate them both.

They can be found literally anywhere, so do not take for granted because you know where the last house’s was located that you know where this one is.

Make sure you can easily lift the cover, that the compartment is not full of mud and debris and that you know how to turn it off.

There are special tools made for this purpose, but in a pinch, an adjustable wrench and screwdriver will do the trick.

This is a simple ten minutes task, but it can save your thousands of dollars and loss of items, so make the time to do this and ensure your entire family knows where and how as well.


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