Prepping to Survive a Cyber Attack

Prepping for a cyber attack is not that different from prepping for other types of disasters that affect the grid. You want to be able to operate independently of public utilities, stores, or public transportation.

"The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable."

- Sun Tzu


We don’t want to be alarmist, but there is a very high likelihood we will see a level of cyber warfare in the days and weeks ahead. This is no more true than it is today, so START TODAY.

Russia has significant cyber warfare capability and have not been reluctant to use it in the recent past. It is also, very likely these Russian operations will be a “false flag” operation that blames Russian actions on domestic “right-wing extremists”, which of course takes a path that will impact ways beyond the cyber realm.

Again, we do not want to be alarmist, but it is better to prepare five years too early, than five minutes too late.

See our earlier blog post on preparing a pantry for some tips.

Don’t get carried away or overwhelmed, but spend a few minutes pondering and answering the following situations:

1. Imagine not being able to get your money from the ATM, not 
just for a day but for weeks on end.

2. Think of your employer not being able to give you a paycheck 
or customers unable to pay you for stuff they want.

3. Consider for a moment that your entire savings gets wiped 
away without a trace.

4. Ponder a bit what would happen if the toilet won't flush and 
the tap runs dry.

5. Picture yourself stuck somewhere far from home and not 
being able to pump your car full of gas to get home.

6. Envision the chaos when the traffic light system comes to a 
halt and also air traffic control.

7. Predict what will happen to the stock market, and the panic 
that will happen outside the grocery stores.


• Slow connections could be the start of a cyber attack.
• You won't be able to get a loan in a personal cyber attack.
• Your credit cards might not work in a personal cyber attack.
• Sudden loss of power is another telltale sign.
• You won't be able to pump gas after a major cyber attack.
• Your ATM won't work
• Eventually water treatment facilities won't work after a cyber 
• Stop lights could create chaos when they all suddenly don't 
work after a major cyber attack.
• Planes will be grounded after a major cyber attack since 
computer systems run air traffic control may be affected 
along and loss of electricity.

1. Have a supply of water stored in case municipal supplies are tainted or shut down
2. Be prepared for an extended power outage.
3. Have a food supply on hand, as well as a way to prepare your food without the grid.
4. Keep cash in small denominations on hand in the event that credit cards, debit cards, and ATMs are inoperable.
5. Keep vehicles above halfway full of fuel, and store extra gasoline.
6. Be prepared for off-grid sanitation needs.
7. Invest in some communications devices like ham radio or one of these other options.
8. Be ready to hunker down at home to avoid the chaos that could come in the aftermath of a massive cyber attack. Be prepared to defend your home if necessary.
9. Remember that your prepper supplies and skills will see you through this disaster just like any other.
10. Protect your identity with a service like LifeLock (which will alert you to suspicious activity once things return to normal). Use some of these tips to keep your information locked down.

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