Not anytime soon anyway.

Are you ready?

We DO NOT want to be alarmist and we do not think that living with anxiety or fear is the way to go through life, but we do implore you to take an honest look at the nation and the world around us.

This winter, next spring and summer will bring availability and pricing challenges to all things. The best thing you can do is plan for and anticipate that now.

We cannot stress this enough. The TRENDS ARE NOT GOOD. Just because one is standing with their toes over the side of a building, doesn’t mean they are going to fall. It does mean their margins of safety are diminished. It means a slight bump or gust of wind could put you over the edge.

That is why most people don’t stand with their toes over the side of a building. This is true of your home preps as well.

⁃ The Federal Government is depleting the Strategic Oil Reserve in an effort to lower gas prices and posture for an election.
⁃ Fuel prices over the summer WILL IMPACT the price of food next spring and summer. The seeds for this price increase have already been planted.

⁃ Supply chain issues will continue to be seen in the months ahead. We have seen delivery dates double and triple on our products. This means to keep them in stock, we have to order twice and store twice as many (increased price), expand our warehouse capacity (increased price) and pay more to ship them to you and Amazon (increased price).
⁃ Fertilizer not used last summer because of shortages caused by the Russian-Ukrainian War WILL RESULT in lower crop yields decreasing supply (increased prices).
⁃ A looming rail car strike, if it occurs, may have catastrophic impacts on the food supply chain for months. Grain is a “global market” commodity, meaning the price of grain is impacted by conditions worldwide and the ability to get it to markets is critical to consumer price. The rail share is just below 40% for grain export movements, according to USDA

One railcar contains enough wheat to make more than 250,000 loaves of bread or enough corn to feed 37,000 chickens for an entire lifetime. Freight railroads are a critical link in the grain supply chain.

“Come on! No one is going to starve in the United States!”

That’s likely true, but when/if food and energy prices double or triple as they have in places, including Europe, how will that impact the other things you do and buy?

Don’t let a friend or family member make you feel like you’re  “crazy” because you are putting a little away for a hardship or national emergency.

We continue to get DMs, e-mails and face-to-face conversations which boil down to this statement, “I know I need to be prepared, but I don’t know where to begin and I don’t have the resources to start.”

First, go to our blog and read “Prepared Pantry”. This is a simple way to prepare AND USE your pantry.

Too many people go and buy food, put it in their pantry and then leave it until the USED BY dates are long past. They then have to decide between disposing of a lot of GOOD FOOD and replacing or in many cases rationalizing that they “didn’t really need it”. Remember this, :”You only NEED IT, when you need it, then YOU NEED it.’

By building up a pantry over time and using it for your routine meals (of course there will be some things that you’ll use sparingly), you are able to rotate, restock and best of all learn how to make tasty meals from your “preps”.

We are going to spend the next few days going over some old posts and adding new ones, to get a “Crash Course” on prepping in one place for you.

Now is the time.
Now is the hour.


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