Simple Preparedness set-up for small spaces or mobile applications.

With some forethought and some relatively inexpensive equipment, anyone can build a basic power set up that will see them through short term power outages and emergencies.

Our friends at True North Tradecraft took the time to outline a basic power package that anyone can build and use.

The entire package slips easily in a closet or under a bed, so those folks who have a premium on space (such as condo dwellers) can make this work quite easily for them.

It consists of:

⁃ The Power Bank is the Goal Zero Yeti 200x.

⁃ The Solar Panel array is the Goal Zero Nomad 50.

⁃ The ammo crate is daily low profile and is air-tight, so any accessories are safe inside, easily contained and handy to carry with the ergonomic handles.

Inside the ammo crate is the following:

• Glow sticks x 4
• Battery pack for cell phone ( from @delta2alphadesign )
• LED headlamp with fresh batteries (removed to prevent discharge or damage)
• BaoFeng VHF/UHF handheld radio w/charger (battery removed)
• Goal Zero cables (x3) for DC power, AC power bank charging, solar panel extension cord)
• 2 x LED bulbs for light (with USB plugs, switch activated)
• Silica pack for any extra moisture
• Surge-protected 6 x USB/6x AC-plug power bar.

Go read the enture article from True North Tradecraft  for complete instructions, set-up and use:

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