4 Foods You May Not Be Able To Buy In The Grocery Store In 2023—Stock Up Before They’re Gone

We preach PREPAREDNESS every day and every way know how. In mindset, supplies and skills, preparedness CANNOT BE BOUGHT, but rather it is a way of life and outlook on the future. Far from being a doomsayer being prepared allows you to confidently move forward without worry or concern for the basic necessities of life and often allows a fair bit of comfort when others are panicked.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve witnessed how simple preparedness steps like keeping a stocked pantry will allow you to stay off the road and out of dangerous weather conditions, resulting in safety for you and your family.

The ongoing conflict in the Ukraine combined with the lingering impacts to the supply chain brought on us by COVI, the economic pressure of inflation and likely recession means we will all see increased prices and shortages of many items. This article by Marissa Matozzo details four food that may not be readily available in 2023.



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